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Weather-based sales promotions are a great way to use the weather to create a unique promotion that is sure to increase publicity, drive traffic, and ultimately increase sales. Retailers like auto dealers, jewelers, furniture stores, and appliance stores can advertise a 100% rebate on all items purchased during a specified time period, if a specific weather peril occurs on a specific day.

We will customize a policy to fit your needs. Weather Promotions most often utilize rain, snow, or temperature as the weather peril. The cost to insure these promotions through PPI’s subsidiary, Weather Insurance Agency, is generally 1% – 5% of sales generated.

Examples of weather promotion contests and prizes

Snow on Christmas

Your store runs a White Christmas promotion. If it snows 4″ or more on Christmas Day, any customers who purchased merchandise from Thanksgiving through December 15 will receive a full refund on the price of their merchandise.

Pray for Rain

Your auto dealership runs a Halloween sales promotion. If it rains 1/2″ or more on Halloween, any customers who purchased a car from September 1st through October 15th will receive a $10,000 refund toward the price of their car.

Free 4th of July BBQ

Your hardware store runs a July 4th promotion. If the temperature on July 4th exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, any customers who purchased a barbecue from May 1st through June 20th will receive a full refund on the price of their barbecue.

Sales promotions like these have a track record of success and are being used by retailers to drive sales to their store by using the weather on national holidays or even a customer’s wedding day.

They can also entice customers during the slower times of the year, and remember, the typical cost of insurance is just 1-5% of the sales generated. Weather-dependent sales promotions are also excellent public relations opportunities, bringing your business lots of added exposure with little effort beyond sending a press release to local media outlets.

No matter what your business, where you are located, or how many new customers you want to attract, our team can customize a promotion that your competitors will envy.

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