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Prize Indemnity

Creating risk-protected promotions that inspire customers is what we’re all about. We’ll certainly help you with the more typical types of contests, but generating new, creative and highly engaging concepts for prizes and promotions is one of the things that truly sets us apart. Challenge us. We love that.

Games of Skill
It looks easier than it really is. Kick a 35 yard field goal. Sink a 20 foot putt. With Prize Indemnity Insurance from PPI, we’ll take the risk on the contestant being successful, so you can root for him to make it too.

Games of Chance
Whether the odds are long or short, there is always the chance that the winning number comes up. Prize Indemnity Insurance from PPI eliminates the risk and creates peace of mind for those who are running the game.

Sales Promotions
Retailers are always looking for the next big promotion that grabs the attention of consumers. Adding an insured mega prize if something special happens is a great way to do just that. Maybe there is an extra million dollars given away if the home team wins the championship or if the temperature hits 100 degrees or [if Elvis returns]. There are lots of interesting ways to add [buzz] to a promotion.

Prediction Contests
Without a Delorean and a flux capacitor, no one can predict the future, but just like the broken clock that is right twice a day, predictions sometimes are correct. If there is a large prize attached to a correct prediction, then PPI’s Prize Indemnity Insurance protects against the cost of a lucky guess.

The last decade has seen casinos face rapidly increasing competition. Mega prizes attract attention and get players in the door. Prize Indemnity Insurance allows casinos to offer those large prizes without the risk that paying a winner out of the house receipts.

Horse Racing
It has been called the Sport of Kings and horse racing has always had all sorts of possibilities for big money payouts. Eye-catching mega prize bonuses can be insured by PPI, allowing for the track or sponsor to reap the benefits without the risk of spending like royalty.

Game Shows
Game show contestants are competing for the top prize, but the show producers are also competing for viewers in an increasingly fractured media marketplace. Large prizes can help attract those viewers. If actually paying out those prizes doesn’t fit the show’s budget, PPI can take the risk and ensure that the show goes on.

Unusual Feats
You want to offer someone a million dollar prize if they can do WHAT? PPI has seen all kinds of wild ideas over the years. We are always up for a new challenge. [If it is legal, it is likely that we can insure it.]

Collect and Win
You know the feeling when you’re collecting all the letters of WINNER and all you need is the “W.” Collect and win promotions create repeat purchases and brand loyalty. There may be only one “W” in circulation, but PPI can insure the prize in case someone does find it.

Creative Solutions
You want to create a promotion that has never been done before. You’re looking for something that is totally off the charts, outside the box or whatever cliché you want to insert. PPI’s insurance products and experience can help you build a promotion that just might have you winning an award at the next industry event.

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