PPI Game of Chance Surety Bond Program Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do registrations too or just bonds?

We can provide both – New York and Florida surety bonds and registrations.

Do you do Rhode Island registrations too?

Yes, just complete the order form on the web site and we can register the promotion in Rhode Island.

How fast can we get them?

We can have the bonds / registrations to the agency or the states by the next day if we receive a completed order prior to 3pm Monday through Friday.  If we receive an order after 3pm, we may still be able to process them for next day arrival, but that is not certain.

Can you overnight the bonds (and registrations)?

Yes, indicate on the order form that you need the documents overnighted and we can do that.

What are your rates?

Based on our survey of the market, we are confident that our surety bond rates are highly competitive.  The actual rate will depend on the size of the bond and the financial strength of the promotion sponsor.

How do I place an order?

Go to www.prizeins.com, click on Promotion Bonds tab and then on complete application link.  The order form gives us the information to complete the bonds (and registrations, if necessary). Please be sure to attach the rules as a pdf file (Word files don’t work).

Is it okay of the official rules aren’t finalized yet?

We can start the process with the preliminary rules, assuming the prize pool is confirmed and will not change.  The bond cannot be completed and the promotion cannot be registered without the final official rules however.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made online via credit card or we can send you an invoice.

Who is the bond carrier / surety?

We use Federal Insurance Company and Westchester Fire Insurance Company.  Both are part of Chubb and rated A++ by AM Best.


Have a question? Just call (888) 407-5841 to talk with a Promotion Bond Specialist.

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